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My goal is to show players what they need to see, teach them what they need to know and inform them on how to use what they have learned so that they too may compete and dominate at the highest levels in this game called life.

Training Services

Train With Chris or Train To Miss!

Private Training

A private is necessary for playesr who need a more intimate training environment maybe they are a beginner that isn't comfortable in a group yet or they are a pro that is looking to tune up on some specific skills in the off season. No matter the player I will cater a unique and effective training session specially for your needs.

Group Training

In group sessions we work on overall skills that typically ever player in the group could use all the while still challenging the top player in the group yet simple enough for the least skilled player in the group to advance sufficiently. There will also be competitive drills and games within a group training session. Bring your own ball!

Team Training

Let Chris McHenry take the wheel and drive your team to success and better performance with a single team training session catered to the needs of your team. Where is your team struggling? Does the whole team need shot improvement? Do you need a new face to come in with some new and fun drills to build your teams camaraderie. Book a team session today. All around skill development everyone on the team needs.


A Glimpse into Chris McHenry Player Development

Chris McHenry Player Development


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This company is driven from within by the burning desire to succeed in properly preparing players for this game called life.

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The goal of this company is to scale and grow well beyond seven figures by monetizing my intellectual property and personal experiences to enhance the lives and careers of other players in this game called life.

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